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Dylan, Bob - Times They Are A-Changing

THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' - BOB DYLAN D/C# - x40232 D/B - x20232 D/A - x00232 Come [G]gather 'round [Em]people wher[C]ever you [G]roam And [G]admit that the [Am]waters a[C]round you have [D]grown And [G]accept it that [Em]soon you'll be [C]drenched to the [G]bone If your time to [Am]you is worth [D]savin' Then you [D/C#]better start [D/B]swimmin' or you'll [D/A]sink like a [D]stone, For the [G]times, they are a [C]cha[D]n[G]gin' Come [G]writers and [Em]critics who pro[C]fecies with your [G]pen And [G]keep your [Am]eyes wide the [C]chance won't come a[D]gain And [G]don't speak too [Em]soon for the [C]wheel's still in [G]spin And there's no [Am]tellin' who [D]that it's namin' For the [D/C#]loser now [D/B]will be [D/A]later to [D]win For the [G]times they are a [C]cha[D]n[G]gin' Come [G]mothers and [Em]fathers [C]throughout the [G]land And [G]don't criti[Am]cize what you [C]don't under[D]stand Your [G]sons and your [Em]daughters are [C]beyond your com[G]mand Your old road is [Am]rapidly [D]agin' Please [D/C#]get out of the [D/B]new one if you [D/A]can't lend a [D]hand For the [G]times they are a [C]cha[D]n[G]gin' Come [G]senators, [Em]congressmen please [C]heed the [G]call Don't [G]stand in the [Am]doorway, don't [C]block up the [D]hall For [G]he that gets [Em]hurt will be [C]he who has [G]stalled There's a battle outside [Am]and it's [D]ragin' It'll [D/C#]soon shake your [D/B]windows and [D/A]rattle your [D]walls For the [G]times they are a-[C]cha[D]n[G]gin' The [G]line it is [Em]drawn the [C]curse it is [G]cast The [G]slow one [Am]now will [C]later be [D]fast As the [G]present [Em]now will [C]later be [G]past The order is [Am]rapidly [D]fadin' And the [D/C#]first one now [D/B]will [D/A]later be [D]last For the [G]times they are a [C]cha[C]n[G]gin'