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No Doubt - Oi To The Wolrd

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. # #------------------------------------------------------------------------------# # Date: Mon, 23 Dec 1996 11:47:36 -0800 From: Rafael Amaral Subject: Tab: "Oi to the World" by No Doubt Band:No Doubt Song: Oi to the World CD: A Very Special Christmas 3 Tabbed by Rafael Amaral (ramaral@net.em.com.br) OI TO THE WORLD:Simple song like all christmas songs.I figured out listening to my friend's cd, so here is the tab. Any comments, suggests or just to write to me e-mail me at ramaral@net.em.com.br Verse 1:(Use rock riffs) (3x)A - C#m - D - E (1x) C#m - D - B - A E------------------------------------------------------ B------------------------------------------------------ G--------6-6---7-7---9-9---------6-6---7---4----2-2-2-- D--7-7---6-6---7-7---9-9---------6-6---7---4----2-2-2-- A--7-7---4-4---5-5---7-7---------4-4---5---2----0-0-0-- E--5-5------------------------------------------------- A C#m D E Haji was a punk just like any other boy A C#m D E And he never had no trouble until he started up his Oi band, A C#m D E safe in the garage or singing in the tub. C#m D B A Till Haji went to far and he plugged in at the pub A C#m D E It was a cold Christmas eve when Trevor and the skins A C#m D E popped in for a pint and to nick a back of crisps Second part of the verse:(Play only the notes): A -G#- F#-E -F#-E- D- C#- D - B - A- B - A E-------------------------------------------------- B-------------------------------------------------- G-------------------------------------------------- D-------------------------------------------------- A----------------------5--4---5---2---0---2---0---- E--5--4---2--0--2--0------------------------------- Trevor liked the music but not the Unity So he unwound Haji's turban and knocked him to his knees Chorus:(rock riffs) D E If god came down on Christmas Day A F#m I know exactly what he'd say C#m D He'd say "Oi to the punks and Oi to the skins- C#m D A but Oi to the world and everybody wins!" Verse 2(play ska riffs) A - C#m- D - E E--5-5--4-4--5-5--7-7--------- B--5-5--5-5--7-7--9-9--------- G--6-6--6-6--7-7--9-9--------- D--7-7--6-6--7-7--9-9--------- A----------------------------- E----------------------------- A C#m D E Haji was a bloody mess, he ran out thru the crowd A C#m D E he said "we'll meet again we are bloody but not unbowed" Second Part of the verse(same) Trevor called his bluff and told him where to meet Christmas day on the roof down 20 Oxford street (Repeat chorus) Verse(same as verse 2) On the roof with the nun chucks Trevor broke a lot of bones But Haji had a sword like that guy in Indiana Jones Police sirens wailing, a bloody dying man, Haji was alone and abandoned his band Trevor was there fading and still so full of hate when the skins left him there and went down the fire escape Verse(same as verse 1) But then Haji saw the north star shining more then ever So he made a tourniquet from his turban saving Trevor the repelled down the roof with the rest of the turban and went back to the pub where they bought each other bourbon (Repeat Chorus) Oi! to all of you. Merry Christmas! E-mail ramaral@net.em.com.br