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Are gonna go my way (orig. Lenny Krawitz)T
Back In Black (orig. AC/DC)T
Backstage Jam (Cunning Stunts)T
Black magic (orig. Slayer)T
Black Night (orig. Deep Purple)T
Blues Jam (Live Shit (guitar+bass))T
Breaking the law (orig. Judas Priest)T
Burn (orig. Deep Purple)T
Cat Scratch Fever (orig. Ted Nugent)T
Cold Gin (orig. Kiss)T
Cunning Stunts Riffs (Cunning Stunts)T
Custard Pie (orig. Led Zeppelin)T
Dazed and confused (orig. Led Zeppelin)T
Detroit Rock City (orig. Kiss)T
Devil's eyes (orig. Merciful Fate)T
Don't Touch Me There (orig. Tygers Of Pan Tang)T
Donnigton '95 Riff (Castle Donnogton '95)T
Doodle (Sanitarium and My Friend of misery) (guitar + bass)T
Down in a hole (orig. Alice In Chains)T
Four horsemen (acoustic)T
Funeral March of a Marionette (Mexico '92)T
Highway Star (orig. Deep Purple)T
Holier (orig. COC)T
Imperial MarchT
In the Hall of the Mountain King (Live Shit (Inspector Gadget theme))T
Iron man (orig. Black Sabbath)T
Jason's bass solo (Live Shit)B
Kill'em all and Ride the lightning MedleyT
Kirk's Solo (Live Shit)T
Kirk's Solo (Mexico)T
La Bamba (orig. Los Lobos)T
Let It Loose (orig. Savage)T
Little Wing (orig. Jimmy hendrix)A
Live Shit riffs (Live Shit)T
London Dungeon (orig. Misfits)T
Man In The Box (orig. Alice In Chains)T
Mistreated (orig. Deep Purple)T
Moby Dick (orig. Led Zeppelin)T
More Human (orig. White Zombie)T
My Sharona (orig. The Knack)T
N.I.B. (orig. Black Sabbath)T
Nightmare (orig. Merciful Fate)T
On The Hunt (orig. Collins And Van Zant)T
Post mortem (orig. Slayer)T
Powler (orig. Iron Maiden)T
Remember tommorow (orig. Iron Maiden)T
Return Of The Vampire (orig. Merciful Fate)T
Sad but true LiveT
Sanitarium LiveT
Stairway to heaven ((orig. Led Zeppelin))T
Star Spangled Banner (orig. Jimmy hendrix)T
Sucking the loveT
Sweet Home Alabama (orig. Lynard Snynard)T
Symptom Of The Universe (orig. Ozzy Osbourne)T
The Cowboy Song (orig. Thin Lizzy)T
The Munsters ThemeT
The Peanuts Theme (orig. Vince Guaraldi)T
The Peanuts Theme (orig. Vince Guaraldi)B
Third stone from the sun (orig. Jimmy hendrix)T
Twist Of Cain (Danzig)T
Unforgiven (acoustic)T
Walk this way (orig. Aerosmith)T
Welcome to the jungle (orig. Guns 'n Roses)T
Wherever I may roam (LIVE solo)T
Youth Gone Wild (orig. Skid Row)T
Zero (orig. Smashing Pumpkins)T